Celebrating Vegan Eateries in Los Angeles



The Vegan Women Summit is set to host Los Angeles’s first Restaurant Week, an event showcasing the diverse plant-based offerings of the LA restaurant scene.

Global events and media organization The Vegan Women Summit (VWS) hosts events to “empower women to build a kinder and more sustainable world,” and one of their latest efforts to cultivate sustainable living is coming to Los Angeles. 

From May 6 to May 12, participating vegan restaurants throughout Los Angeles and West Hollywood will offer special Vegan Women Summit menus or menu items as part of its inaugural Restaurant Week. When customers order any of the special dishes during the week, 5 percent of each purchase will be donated to Support + Feed, a nonprofit founded by actress Maggie Baird (also known as Billie Eilish’s mom) that works to combat food insecurity and the climate crisis by increasing the accessibility of plant-based meals across the globe. 

While fundraising for the nonprofit, Restaurant Week simultaneously provides an opportunity for Angelenos to sustainably support the restaurant industry by dining locally and promoting vegan meal options—two great ways to reduce the carbon footprint of your food.

Since 2020, the dine-in restaurant industry has been permanently altered by the rise in delivery orders, accommodations for distanced seating, and labor shortages necessitated by the global pandemic and inflation. Despite these changes, the industry has continued to grow. According to Forbes, a recent study found that “every segment of the industry has not just survived but in many cases is thriving well past pre-pandemic levels of business.” 

This has been possible thanks to restaurateurs' abilities to evolve to the changing needs of their local patrons; customer demands directly reflect the kinds of foods and services provided to the community by local businesses. Support for the vegan industry will lead us toward a more sustainable future, as eating a vegan diet reduces climate-heating emissions, water pollution, land use, and the destruction of wildlife significantly.

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restaurant bar
Pura Vida in Redondo Beach and West Hollywood. – Photo by Randi Baird

Restaurant Week brings the perfect opportunity to Los Angeles for residents to support local vegan eateries and shape their city into a more sustainable community. For more information about this event, visit the Vegan Women Summit website

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