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Ed Begley Jr.’s Tesla Model S

The actor, environmental advocate, and EV enthusiast takes us for a spin in his cross-country car, and on a journey through EVs in his past.

Climate Change in LA

Slab City Reaches Its Boiling Point

An off-grid California desert community offers refuge for the overlooked, misunderstood, and disenfranchised. But with deadly heat more frequent, residents face increasing danger.

Sheep Help Reduce Wildfire Risk in San Francisco Bay Area

BART, the transit agency whose trains connect San Francisco with nearby counties and its main airport, now relies on 500 sheep to munch grass on its properties abutting railroad tracks.

A Buzzy New Skincare Line

Insect oil in face cream? Absolutely, says Thomas Clark, creator of Insekt, a Canadian skincare company that relies on black soldier fly oil as...

San Diego Solar-Powered Coffee

Behind a house in sunny San Diego sits a 70 square-foot shed. If passersby were to take notice, they’d likely assume it stores the...

Mountain Lions to Join the Daily Los Angeles Commute

Updated April 22, 2023* In just a few years, commuters may see mountain lions strolling over a 10-lane freeway in Los Angeles. A team of...

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